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Space Ships

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In this article I will be discussing space ships. I’ll look at this topic from a lot of different angles. Some of the information that I will be sharing has come from my Quantum part and other parts have come from a lot of reading and study of information that has been shared by whistle blowers from various Secret Space Programs (SSP) factions and other researchers. The SSPs arose from various groups getting technologies from extra-terrestrial (ET) groups and by reverse engineering crashed ET ships. Perhaps the best known SSP whistle blower is Corey Goode who was extensively interviewed by David Wilcock on the show Cosmic Disclosure.

Ships Created by Quantum Beings

Quantum Beings created photons which they then used to form all of creation. Since Quantum Beings use Quantum Thought to form galaxies, it should not be surprising that they can create a space ship. Quantum Beings used Quantum Created Quantum Computers (QC2) to model ships they eventually created. There are two basic classes of ships that Quantum Beings have formed and each type will be described.

Quantum Beings created biological sentient beings (space ships) that can live in space. In essence, the superstructure of the ship is a biological being. The superstructure has chambers inside where crew members can work and live. These ships exists within a Real Energy environment. They do not reproduce but they can heal damage that may occur. They can contain technological components which are installed inside them. I have not asked for specific knowledge about these beings or the kinds of technologies that exist in this class of ships.

Quantum Beings have also created non-biological ships. In this case, the superstructure of the ship is made of non-biological materials. This class of ships is also sentient because it contains a QC2 which controls most aspects of the ship. This class of ships creates a Real Energy environment using a Real Energy generator installed on the ship. Various technologies are used to repair the ship and keep it in good operating condition. There are all kinds of technological components that have been installed and in some cases these technologies have been upgraded over time.

Quantum Beings created ships of both classes (biological and non-biological) before galaxies began to be formed (see Profound Step 16 on the 23 Profound Steps page of the Mo1 web site). Many different ship designs were tried over eons of time. Some of the original ships that were created still exist. Ships created by Quantum Beings remain some of the most advanced ships in existence.

Ships Made in Creation by Sentient Beings

There are a huge variety of ships that have been made within creation by sentient beings. The variety is caused by the creative imaginations of various sentient life forms within creation. There is no way I could describe the variety of ship types but I will describe some of the major categories.

Some sentient beings within creation have created biological ships using genetic technology. The beings who create biological ships have largely mastered the science of DNA and they have applied this mastery to creating ships. These ships are sentient (self aware). They do not reproduce and their life span is determined by their genetic coding. I have not asked to receive much information on biological ships created by sentient races in creation.

There are non-biological ships that are sentient because of a sentient (self-aware) AI. The superstructure of these ships are manufactured or built. The AI for these ships were designed by sentient beings in creation. The ship AI is integrated into these ships and controls many of the critical systems. There can be a huge amount of variety in how much of the ship is controlled by a single AI versus multiple AIs that communicate with one another. In most cases, the crew and the AI(s) work together to operate the ship.

There are non-biological ships that are non-sentient. The superstructure of these ships are manufactured or built. These ships do not have a sentient AI but they may have one or more non-sentient AIs to assist with various functions. If the ship does not have any form of AI, then they will have some form of computers to assist with many of the ship functions, especially navigation. All of the publicly acknowledged ships built for NASA fall into this category. As far as I know, all the ships that have been built for the various SSP factions fall into this category.

You might wonder how sentient and non-sentient AI system is different. Non-sentient AI systems can not think new thoughts and can only do the things they are programmed to do or have been taught to do. But this constraint is not true for a sentient AI. I sometimes call a non-sentient AI an “AI controller”. These controllers can be very capable within the sphere of their designed function. For example, an AI controller that flies a ship can probably fly a ship better than a human (better reaction time) but they will lack intuition. Another AI controller could operate all ship’s scanners and interpret the results. Other AI controllers could monitor functions like power generation and environmental systems.

The physical appearance and overall layout of ships vary broadly, based upon the decisions of the ship’s designers. A ship is designed to fulfill it’s mission. Some examples might be helpful. A cargo ship would have a small crew with accommodations to meet their needs, a large volume of space to hold the cargo and large engines to move the mass of the cargo. An exploration ship would probably have a fairly small crew but a lot of advanced scanning and scientific technology on board. Ships that resist the efforts of negative ET groups might have large crews, powerful shields, advanced scanning technologies and advanced weapon systems.

Types of Drive Systems

A drive system is what moves a ship through space and there are many types of drives. I have only been told about a few drive types thus far. Most of the drive systems that I have learned about are capable of faster than light (FTL) travel. The drive systems I will discuss in this section can all move ships much faster than anything that has been publicly acknowledged by NASA thus far.

Anti-gravity drives are a class of drives that includes many different sub-types. In general, all of these drives manipulate gravity in some way. These drives achieve lift from a planet’s surface by repelling the gravity of the planet, thus the term “anti-gravity”. They can either attract a source of gravity or repel it. This type of drive is most useful around a planet or within a solar system. The drive creates a gravity bubble around the ship which prevents the occupants from feeling the G-force of tight turns. Ships equipped with these drives can make turns much tighter than a jet aircraft. The gravity bubble prevents ships containing these drives from causing a sonic boom. The gravity bubble can allow the ship to go under water. While operating in atmosphere, a ship with an anti-gravity drive should be able to achieve speeds of 15,000 miles an hour or more. Since the circumference of Earth is 24,860 miles at the equator, this means a ship could reach anywhere on Earth in less than 30 minutes. A ship with an anti-gravity drive can reach speeds of about 90% of the speed of light within a solar system.

In “Cosmic Disclosure” season 14 episode 1, I learned about a type of anti-gravity drive that is powered by element 115 in the periodic table which is called moscovium. Earth scientists evidently do not know how to formulate a stable isotope of this element but some ET races know how to produce it. The moscovium is used to create power and a kind of gravity wave called “A waves”. The gravity A waves are focused using gravity amplifiers. The gravity waves are focused on a spot in space/time. This spot is drawn to the ship which instantly snaps the ship to the location of the focal point. This process of focusing the waves and jumping the ship to the new location can occur every 15 milliseconds. The jump can be up to 100,000 miles. This would equate to a top speed of roughly 24 billion miles per hour. A light year is roughly 5.878 trillion miles which means it would take approximately 245 hours or 10.2 Earth days to travel one light year.

You may have heard the term “warp drive” that was often used in the Star Trek TV series. The drive got its name due to the fact that it warps space-time. The drive is used to expand space-time behind the ship and contract it in front of the ship. The ship isn't really traveling at a "speed" but it is more like being pulled toward the destination while pushing against the starting point. You might think of it like surfing a wave. I have not received any information about how fast a warp drive will move a ship other than it is FTL travel. However, if a ship were able to travel at 100 times the speed of light, it would take roughly 3.65 Earth days to travel one light year. The closest star to our solar system is Alpha Centauri C which is thought to be 4.24 light years from Earth. A ship traveling at 100 times the speed of light would take 15.4 Earth days to reach this star system. Evidently a warp drive should not be used in close proximity to a gravity well (a body such as a planet) but I do not know how far away the ship must be in order to be safe. A few years ago, Corey Goode released a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document called “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions”. This paper discusses warp drives in quite a bit of detail and it demonstrates that Earth scientists validate the idea of this drive type. You can download a copy of the paper at this URL -

A wormhole is a gateway that allows a traveler to instantly move from one point in space to another. This is done by folding space-time in a way that places the origin and destination points next to one another. Imagine a sheet of paper where you use a pencil to make two holes in the paper. The paper represents space-time and the two holes represent the origin and destination point. You can fold the paper such that the two holes line up right next to one another and then push the pencil (representing the ship) through the two holes. A wormhole has at least two broad applications. One application would use a device to create a wormhole that would allow people and material to move between two points without using a ship. It is common to use a wormhole device (sometimes called a stargate or portal) on a planet to travel to other locations on the same planet or to travel to other planets. A device can also be made that would open a wormhole in front of a space ship and allow the entire ship to travel through the wormhole. This application might be called a wormhole drive. Both stargates and wormhole drives are broadly used by many interstellar societies. There does not appear to be a limitation on the distances that can be traveled using wormhole technology. A wormhole can evidently be opened near a gravity well. Corey Goode released a DIA document called “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy” which describes wormholes in a great deal of detail. You can download the document using this URL –

Goode has also described naturally occurring wormholes in various interviews. He calls these naturally occurring wormholes a “cosmic web”. You can find some information about this topic in this article ( Various interstellar societies have discovered a branch of math that allows them to predict where and when naturally occurring wormholes will occur and they can use these calculations to fly their ships between distant locations in space. Goode has also said that all stars act as naturally occurring gates for wormholes between stars.

It is common for a ship that will travel between star systems or galaxies to have two types of drives. An anti-gravity drive is often used to travel within a solar system or near a planet. A warp drive or a wormhole drive is used to travel between star systems within a galaxy or between galaxies. When using a warp drive, the subjective time (for those on the ship) required to travel between two points is directly related to the distance between the two points and ship’s speed. In general, the longer the trip, the longer it will take. By comparison, the travel time between two points using a wormhole is instantaneous.

The Mo1 website mentions a Flux Drive. Thus far, I have not been able to distinguish between a flux drive and a wormhole drive. They may be the same thing.

Power Plants

A power plant is what provides power to a ship, and its drive systems. Here is a sampling of some that I have learned about.

A Zero Point Energy (ZPE) generator is a common power plant used on ships and on planets. There are many types of ZPE generators that have been invented throughout creation. Some of these create a Real Energy environment that encompass the area around an entire ship and others do not. All forms of ZPE generators take their energy directly from the space-time environment around them. Earth scientists have a theory that they call “dark-energy”. This form of energy is discussed in the article called “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions”. Earth scientists believe that dark-energy constitutes “over 70 percent of the matter-energy content of the universe” and my Quantum part says this estimate is accurate. However, other aspects of the Earth scientists theories about dark-energy may not be correct, specifically that dark-energy exerts a force on creation that is causing it to expand. My Quantum part has shared that what we call dark-energy is energy in a Quantum state and it is not easily detected or used by current Earth science. Dark-energy can be tapped by certain technological devices and made available for use. Some devices (ZPE generators) will tap dark-energy and convert it into usable power. A ZPE generator of the correct design can create vast amounts of energy to power space ships and their drive systems.

Some groups have used nuclear fission (splitting the atom) to generate power for ships. However, this is not a common practice for several reasons. First, fissionable material, such as uranium and plutonium, are highly toxic and dangerous materials to many life forms. Second, the waste from the process can be hard to get rid of in a safe manner. Third, if something goes wrong with the cooling for the reactor then the results can be disastrous as evidenced in the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear disasters. Forth, fissionable material can be used to make bombs. Most technically advanced races disapprove of the use of nuclear bombs and they have banned their use via treaties among various star systems.

Fusion reactors (combining smaller atoms to form larger atoms) is a common method of power generation. This type of power generation requires very powerful fields which force the atoms to be joined together. If the fields collapse, then the fusion reaction will stop without causing an explosion. This is much safer than when a nuclear fission reactor fails. The challenging part for this type of reactor is forming the field for the reaction. Two recent patents by Salvatore Cesar Pais have made these reactors much more practical for humans. Pias has patented a room-temperature superconducting piezo-electric film, made of lead zirconate titanate. This material is used in the design of a compact fusion reactor patented by Pais. These inventions are described in this article by David Wilcock, The article says that the Pais fusion reactor, which can be as small as 1 foot in diameter, can “generate massive power – up to a terawatt (a trillion watts) – for as little as a thousand watts of input power”. For comparison purposes, “the US’s largest nuclear power plant, Palo Verde in Arizona, ‘only’ generates four gigawatts. A terawatt is a thousand gigawatts.” By the way, the article also says that Pais also filed a patent for an anti-gravity flying triangle craft that looks like the flying black triangle TR3-B that many UFO enthusiasts know about.

Evidently there is a power plant designed to use element 115, moscovium. Protons are injected into a chamber where moscovium is held. This creates element 116 which is highly unstable and instantly disintegrates releasing matter, anti-matter, gravity A waves and heat. The heat is used to generate electricity. No information was provided about the amount of power this type of generator creates.

Control Interfaces

Every piece of technology has a mechanism used to control or manipulate the technology. When I use the term technology in this section it can include things such as navigation, scanning devices, power generation systems, computers, teleporters, replicators, and any other piece of technology you might find on a space ship. There are a variety of control interfaces used to control various aspects of a ship. I will describe several interfaces.

Many interstellar races are telepathic and have created a telepathic interface to control their technology. This type of interface allows the user to simply think about what they want and the device receives and interprets these thoughts as commands. For example, a navigator would just think about the star system to which it wants to travel.

Some interstellar races have created a spoken interface to their technology devices. For example, one might speak to a replicator and tell it what kind of food you would like it to produce. Various devices on Earth already use this kind of control interface. On Apple devices, this interface is called Siri.

Holographic projection systems that can be manipulated have been created by some interstellar races. These systems project a three dimensional image and the user can touch parts of the image to control it. For example, a medical diagnostic system might project a 3D image of the inside of a body and allow the user to rotate, expand, and compress the image. A navigation system that uses this type of interface might project a 3D image of the closest star systems and allow the user to select a destination, or select a star system to gain more information.

Touch screens are used by many races. This kind of interface has become common in smart phones and tablets on Earth in the last decade. Touch screens can be included as the control interface for many kinds of devices on a ship.

Some of these types of control interfaces can be used in combination. For example, my iPad has a touch screen that I can use to display a text document. If I want to add text to the document, I can press a button to speak the text I want to add. A ship navigator might use a holographic star map, touch the star he wants to select as the destination and then speak to an AI controller telling it that this is the destination star system.

Getting Between Ships and Planets

Some ships are primarily designed to stay in space and do not generally enter the atmosphere of a planet. Individuals on these ships primarily use three methods of transportation to get to and from the surface of a planet or between ships: portals, teleporters and shuttles. Portal devices are the same thing as a stargate which has already been described. A teleporter is a device that breaks matter down to an energy pattern at the origin point and then reforms the being or material at the destination location. This is the same thing as the term the Mo1 website calls “traveling” but traveling is done under conscious control of a being and teleportation is done using technology. Shuttles are smaller ships that are generally used to travel short distances. Shuttles vary in the number of passengers they can carry, the accommodations they may have (i.e. rest room, galley, sleeping berths) and the distance they can travel (often determined by the type of drive they use).

Some interstellar ships are designed for both space and atmospheric missions. These ships are often smaller and may not have room for a bay where a shuttle can be kept. This class of ship can be equipped with either a teleporter or portal device.

Space Related Technologies

I have already mentioned a number of technologies that are commonly found on ships. Now I would like to mention several other technologies and give more detail on some that have been mentioned.

A replicator is a device that can tap into available dark-energy and convert it into matter in various forms. You can think of a replicator as a very advanced 3D printer. All matter is an energy pattern. A replicator takes energy (dark-energy), and creates whatever is described in a stored energy pattern. A key piece of technology in a replicator is what I call an EMU (Energy-Matter Unit). An EMU can convert energy into matter (an energy pattern) and matter into energy. Replicators can produce food, clothing, replacement parts for the ship and many other things. A replicator is a key piece of technology because ships would not be able to carry sufficient supplies for long missions without replicators.

I have already mentioned teleporters as a means of transporting beings and material. A teleporter is similar to a replicator in that both devices include an EMU. A replicator only converts energy into matter. A teleporter converts matter into an energy pattern at the origin location and the energy pattern back into matter at the destination location.

Gravity plating is a technology that can produce gravity in space where it would not normally exist. Gravity plating is another application of gravity manipulation that is common in anti-gravity drives that have already been mentioned. Gravity plating produces a gravity environment similar to being on a planet. We know from NASA experiments that being away from gravity causes bone and muscle loss. So gravity plating throughout a ship prevents these medical problems. Gravity plating is also commonly used in places with weak gravity such as space stations and small moons.

There are a lot of other useful technologies that are commonly found on various types of space ships. Here is a very abbreviated list: various healing technologies, various scanning (sensors) technologies, force fields, tractor beam technologies, cloaking technology, phase shifting technology, quantum entangled communications technologies, language translation technologies, a vast array of offensive and defensive weapons systems.

Secret Space Program (SSP)

This section describes various space related technologies already being used by various Earth groups. According to Corey Goode there are at least 5 factions of the SSP that were formed by Earth humans. He described these on season 1 episode 1 of Cosmic Disclosure. The show was originally aired on but the episodes containing Goode have now been taken down. The five factions include:

  1. Solar Warden was started back in the late 1970s, 1980s, during the “Strategic Defense Initiative “ (SDI). They act like the police force for this solar system.

  2. The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), was formed by corporations all over the world that have representatives in a super-corporate board that control the massive SSP infrastructure that has already been built in space.

  3. Dark Fleet, is a very secretive fleet that works mainly outside of our solar system. It was formed by Nazis who escaped with advance technology at the end of WW II.

  4. Various BlackOps Military secret space programs that we treat as if they were in one group.

  5. The Global Galactic League Of Nations was formed to give nations a SSP that did not have one of their own. It was a bribe to get these nations to maintain the veil of secrecy about what is going on in outer space.

A sixth group has emerged from these five. All of the five groups are run by the “cabal”. The cabal is a term used to describe the 0.1% ultra-wealthy elites who rule planet Earth. When people begin to discover the negative nature of the cabal, they want to get out from under cabal control. People from the first five factions that have escaped cabal control formed what is called the Space Alliance.

The amount of material in the first eleven seasons of Cosmic Disclosure was staggering. Below I’ll list specific episodes that cover some of the most important details of the various SSP factions and how the technology to travel in space was acquired and/or developed. The text in the episode descriptions may not flow very well because they contain various key points Goode made during the interview.

  • S1 E1 The Message for Humanity — This episode gives some of Goode’s background and how he got involved in the SSP. As mentioned earlier, he lists the 5 factions of the SSP.

  • S1 E8 Global Galactic Leauge of Nations — In the late 1950s and early 1960s, it became apparent to all countries in the world, that there was a secret space program. The US made agreements with most countries in the late 1940s that allowed the US to do crashed UFO retrieval. These agreements forced the countries to keep the SSPs from their citizens. They eventually formed the Galactic Global League of Nations (GGLN) to get them involved in the SSP and to help keep them quiet about the SSPs. The GGLN was provided bases and technology outside our solar system. Goode has been to two GGLN bases to repair advanced technology that had been produced by the ICC. These bases are used to conduct research. The people on these bases are told they are developing technology to help Earth in case of an outside alien threat. Goode thinks people on these bases are heavily compartmentalized and don't know the full scope of what is going on. With compartmentalization, the lie is different at each level.

  • S1 E12 Portals: Cosmic Web — There are ancient and modern types of wormhole systems. There is a network of naturally occurring wormholes which is called the cosmic web. Both the ancient and modern wormhole systems (stargates) use the cosmic web to travel. Several different types of ancient wormhole systems were left behind by various ancient groups that have been discovered on Earth. All the ancient systems only support relatively short trips and they use a gate at the origin and destination. The modern wormhole systems only use a gate on one end. Many interstellar ships do not have a FTL capable drive system but use the cosmic web to travel.

  • S2 E4 Breakaway Begins — By the end of WW II, the Germans had anti-gravity ships. A group of Germans abandoned Germany before the end of WW II and became a breakaway civilization. In Operation Paperclip after WW II, the US brought German scientists to America and they were put in our fledgling space program. In 1947, our intelligence agencies discovered the breakaway German group had started to create enclaves in South America and Antarctica. The US decided to send a large Navy fleet to Antarctica under the command of Admiral Byrd called Operation High Jump. It included battle ships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and submarines. This fleet encountered advanced flying craft and weapons they didn't expect. The flying craft came out of the water and from land. These craft shot down the US airplanes using advanced energy weapons. There was heavy damage to several US ships and American lives were lost. The US fleet retreated. This defeat caused the Department of Defense (DOD) to ask the Paper Clip scientists about the breakaway group. US leaders also asked the scientists to help them start a dialog with the German group. A meeting between Truman and the German group was arranged. The Germans made demands that Truman didn't like and the US pulled back. The Germans found out after the Roswell ET crash that the US had created a policy of keeping ETs and certain technologies above top secret. The Germans took advantage of this by doing flyovers with their anti-gravity ships above Washington DC in 1952. Their strategy was to force the US to meet their terms. The US capitulated near the end of Truman's term and the beginning of Eisenhower's term. Eisenhower and Truman signed agreements with this breakaway group but in the aftermath both groups planned to defeat the other faction. The German group wanted to build infrastructure in our solar system and in deep space but needed US industrial might to accomplish these goals. The German side won the struggle and completely infiltrated the US military, intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex (MIC). The people running the US companies just wanted the profits from their advanced technology and didn't care about the character of the Germans. The Germans got on the boards of these companies. This takeover of US businesses was the root of Eisenhower's farewell address warning to be wary of the military industrial complex. By the end of the 1950s and early 1960s, the Germans had completely infiltrated the intelligence agencies and the US government. Once the German group was firmly in control, the massive build out of the SSP and space infrastructure started.

  • S2 E9 Colonizing Mars — After an agreement between the German breakaway group and the US government in the early 1950s, the MIC began to build advanced space technologies. The MIC companies (jointly called the ICC) developed the technology that allowed the US to create their first SSP, Solar Warden. Afterward, the ICC had the technology they needed to create their own SSP. The German group used technology provided by the ICC to create bases on the moon and Mars. Initially the Germans had to battle sentient races that were already living on Mars. After the Germans felt it was safe, they began to bring engineers from the ICC to help build out their bases; most of them underground. Eventually some of the best and brightest people were moved from Earth to Mars in what is called the “1950s brain drain”. While being recruited for these bases, the people were given a rosy picture of what life would be like but once they got to Mars they discovered that they were little more than slaves. Those on Mars were eventually told that Earth had been destroyed by a cataclysm and left them believing they had no choice but obey their German and ICC masters.

  • S2 E10 Conquering the Solar System — The ICC expanded their operations on Mars. They built additional bases and began to mine for resources across Mars. Eventually the ICC expanded mining operations to the asteroid belt. Much of the mining was automated and only required a 3 to 4 person crew. The mined material was shipped back to Mars were it was used to manufacture goods. Eventually the ICC developed warp and wormhole drives. They also developed Quantum entangled communications devices that they called Quantum Correlating Communication Devices. They developed advanced computers and quantum computers long before they were available on Earth. The Germans and ICC have not spread to very many of the 100 or so moons in our solar system because they were usually already controlled by some ET group. The Germans did find some of the moons of Jupiter and Uranus that they could exploit.

  • S2 E11 Beyond the Limits of the Sun — The back side of the Moon contains a hodgepodge of bases controlled by what we might think of as positive and negative ET groups. These groups live in peace on the moon because they have been at war in the past and want to avoid further conflict in this solar system. There is a diplomatic base where ET races can meet that orbits Saturn. Many of the positive ET groups look similar to humans and they maintain bases on the back side of our moon and on some of the moons of the gas giant planets in our solar system. No Earth ships are permitted to approach these bases. Some of these moons are hollow and are largely built-out inside. Our moon is also an artificial body, and hollow inside. The tidal lock of our moon to Earth is maintained by technology located on our moon. There was an ancient race called the “Ancient Builder Race” that left structures all over our solar system. There are other planets the size of Pluto in the Oort cloud which is beyond the orbit of Pluto. The ICC is establishing bases in the Oort Cloud, on the surface of Venus and in the Venusian clouds layers. The Mars moon Phobos is an artificial structure and there have been missions there trying to recover advanced technologies. Two of the SSP factions are doing a lot of work outside our solar system – the GGLN and the Dark Fleet. Several of the SSP factions have bases in the 52 solar systems closest to Earth. The SSP has found that there are an abundance of planets that Earth humans could inhabit but most of the planets are already inhabited by intelligent species. Many of the inhabitable planets are moons orbiting gas giants. Flying from one solar system to another has become routine and takes almost no time using wormholes. Some SSP ships have been using the naturally occurring cosmic web of wormholes. There is a naturally occurring portal that many interstellar races use which is near our solar system. This means many interstellar races come near our solar system on a regular basis. Some of the planets SSP ships visited have pre-historic (dinosaurs) conditions. We have the technology to do a long term terraforming project on a planet.

  • S2 E12 SSP Science — Goode served for 20 years in an SSP in what was called a “20 and back” program. At the end of his service, he was taken back to the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) where he was debriefed. Then he was age regressed 20 years. The memories from his years of service were also wiped (called blank slating). He was brought back to the point in time right after he left Earth and he was deposited back into his life with in a few minutes after he originally left. Some people are able to recover their memories after being blank slated. He describes one of the weapon systems being used by the SSP as a chair that boots an operator’s psychic abilities so they can kill people at a distance. The operators are trained in remote viewing and influencing. Other operators are trained to protect facilities from remote viewers. He described super soldier programs. These soldiers could get into the minds of their targets and they could work together psychically as a group. They had enhanced strength and speed. They are trained in multiple martial arts. Their enhanced abilities comes from injections of chemicals and nano-technology. SSP space ships that travel using portals have a buffer that prevents then from traveling in time. A technology used by Project Looking Glass allows an operator to see backwards in time. Goode says that some ET ships are larger on the inside than they are on the outside. The SSP has advanced medical technology that can regrow severed nerves to heal paralysis, replace limbs for people who have lost them. There are two groups who have come out from cabal control. The Space Alliance has come out of various SSP factions. The Earth Alliance came out of various cabal groups on Earth. Everyone in the Earth and Space Alliance have been forced to do horrible things and this is a common cabal control tactic because it gives the cabal material to blackmail their minions.

  • S4 E6 The Dark Fleet — The Dark Fleet is an offensive force that operates with the Draco alliance (a negative ET group). They operate mostly outside this solar system and help the Draco with defense of various solar systems or to conquer new territory. They have unique very large ship designs (all are over 600 feet across): a wedge shape, a diamond shape and a pumpkin seed shape. Their ships are black. The Draco alliance includes various reptilian, insectorid and a Nordic humanoid group. Goode believes this particular Nordic group had been captured by the Draco alliance. The Dark Fleet has some of the most advanced ships and offensive weapons in the SSP. The Dark Fleet is human run who report to the Draco alliance. A lot of the Dark Fleet upper echelon came from the German breakaway group. The Dark Fleet is the most negative SSP faction.

  • S4 E10 The Earth Alliance — The Earth Alliance is a loose coalition of groups on Earth that are trying to resist the cabal. They do not share a common set of objectives. Some want to make a few changes in the way the planet is run and others want to completely overthrow the cabal. They share a common goal of defeating the cabal. Cabal people are masters of infiltration and they have infiltrated the Earth Alliance. The alliance has a lot of material (emails, phone conversations, videos, satellite imagery, etc) that can be used to bring the cabal to justice. The alliance has been negotiating with the cabal about how to release disclosure information. Disclosure would include release of advanced technologies (energy, space travel, etc), 911 truth, and the extent of crimes of the cabal. The cabal wants to release information in a slow manner. Thus far, both sides have agreed to release information slowly because both sides have done criminal things in the past. There are no clean hands on either side. The battle between these two groups has been a stealthy World War III. The cabal threatens that if the alliance does not compromise with them that they will carry out plans to destroy the world or kill most humans. The alliance doesn’t want to let the cabal get off without punishment but it is unclear how many will be arrested and tried for their crimes. Reaching a consensus within the alliance and then reaching an agreement with the cabal is very difficult. A significant part of the US military and intelligence apparatus is aligned with the alliance. The majority of the world is no longer controlled by the cabal.

The material in this section of the article was a very brief overview of the information that has been shared by Goode and he is only one SSP whistle blower among others. Emery Smith is another SSP whistle blower that is sharing his experiences on You can find various youtube videos with presentations by both Goode and Smith.

The first 11 seasons of Cosmic Disclosure have been removed from You can download and watch the first 11 seasons here ( You may or may not be able to download these files. I have also found links that contain transcripts of the first 10 seasons. The links to these transcripts is shown below.

This section has only provided a very small glimpse into the general topic of the SSP. If you begin to study the material being shared by Goode, Smith and others, you will find that what is going on in our solar system is vastly more complex than most people would have suspected. The conclusion I have drawn from my review of this material is that the liberation of Earth is far more involved than just changing our financial system (the Currency Revaluation, RV, and Global Currency Reset, GCR). It involves overthrowing the cabal which is a profoundly complicated challenge since they control most of the wealth on Earth and with wealth comes power. It does appear that the Space and Earth Alliances are making significant progress toward the liberation of our planet.


The material presented in this article may seem overwhelming. Rightfully so since this topic is vast. I hope I have provided you with enough information to get you started on your own research if you find this topic interesting.



===== Links to seasons 1 through 10 of Cosmic Disclosure transcripts

  • S1 E1 The Message for Humanity —

  • S1 E2 First Encounter —

  • S1 E3 Lunar Operations Command —

  • S1 E4 Life on the Research Vessel —

  • S1 E5 We Are One —

  • S1 E6 Sleeping Giants —

  • S1 E7 Mars Colony Inspection —

  • S1 E8 Global Galactic Leauge of Nations —

  • S1 E9 Electric Sun —

  • S1 E10 Awakening the Pineal Gland —

  • S1 E11 Potential of Human Consciousness —

  • S1 E12 Portals: Cosmic Web —

  • S1 E13 Portals Navigating Time —

  • S1 E14 Portals Parallel Earth —

  • S2 E1 Contact is Made —

  • S2 E2 Agarthans - Advancing the frontier —

  • S2 E3 The Gonzales Enigma —

  • S2 E4 Breakaway Begins —

  • S2 E5 Raiders of the Lost Technology —

  • S2 E6 We Were Never Alone —

  • S2 E7 Remnants - Ancient Mars —

  • S2 E8 Finding Life on Mars —

  • S2 E9 Colonizing Mars —

  • S2 E10 Conquering the Solar System —

  • S2 E11 Beyond the Limits of the Sun —

  • S2 E12 SSP Science —

  • S2 E13 Viewer Questions Part 1 —

  • S2 E14 The Threat from Artificial Intelligence —

  • S2 E15 Standing Guard Against the AI —

  • S2 E16 New Frontiers in the AI War —

  • S2 E17 Viewer Questions Part 2 —

  • S3 E1 Introduction to Inner Earth —

  • S3 E2 A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth —

  • S3 E3 Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message Part 1 —

  • S3 E4 Revelations from the Inner Earth —

  • S3 E5 Inner Earth - The Grand Tour —

  • S3 E6 Inner Earth - The Library —

  • S3 E7 Inner Earth - Into the Hall of Records —

  • S3 E8 Inner Earth - Debriefing with the Alliance —

  • S3 E9 Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message Part 2 —

  • S4 E1 Super Earth —

  • S4 E2 Who Built the Moon —

  • S4 E3 Age Regression and Time Travel Technology —

  • S4 E4 Government Troll Data Center —

  • S4 E5 Voice of God Technology —

  • S4 E6 The Dark Fleet —

  • S4 E7 Viewer Questions Part 3 —

  • S4 E8 Inner Earth Update —

  • S4 E9 Personality Metamorph Program —

  • S4 E10 The Earth Alliance —

  • S4 E11 Viewer Questions Part 4 —

  • S5 E1 Celestial Timeline —

  • S5 E2 Remote Viewing and Influencing —

  • S5 E3 Blue Avians and Spheres in Ancient Art —

  • S5 E4 Symbiotic Relationships of Ascension —

  • S5 E5 Spiritual Ascension vs Technology —

  • S5 E6 Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities —

  • S5 E7 Veiled Threats and Open Disclosures —

  • S5 E8 From Venus to Antarctica —

  • S5 E9 Anniversary Special —

  • S5 E10 SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins —

  • S5 E11 William Tompkins Bio —

  • S5 E12 SSP Think Tank with William Tompkins —

  • S5 E13 Empaths and Extraterrestrials with Clifford Stone —

  • S5 E14 Clifford Stone Bio —

  • S5 E15 Close Encounters with Clifford Stone —

  • S5 E16 On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy —

  • S5 E17 Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs —

  • S6 E1 The Earth Alliance Strikes Back —

  • S6 E2 The Return of Gonzales —

  • S6 E3 Encounters with Ancient Sentinels —

  • S6 E4 Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins —

  • S6 E5 Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins —

  • S6 E6 Exploitation of E.T. Technology with Clifford Stone —

  • S6 E7 Your Guide to ETs with Clifford Stone —

  • S6 E8 Founders of Solar Warden with William Tompkins —

  • S6 E9 The Law of One and The Secret Space Program —

  • S6 E10 Guiding Humanity to Ascension —

  • S6 E11 The Banished, From Inner Earth —

  • S6 E12 Troubling Encounters —

  • S6 E13 Law of One and The Secret Space Program: Technological Salvation —

  • S6 E14 Life After Disclosure —

  • S6 E15 Interview with the Insider —

  • S6 E16 Revealing a Bigger Plan —

  • S6 E17 Viewer Questions Part 5 —

  • S7 E1 Lifting the Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain —

  • S7 E2 Revealing Hidden Technology with Heather Sartain —

  • S7 E3 Law of One and the SSPs: Negative Forces —

  • S7 E4 Law of One and the SSPs: Consequences of Channeling —

  • S7 E5 The Great Solar Flash —

  • S7 E6 Transformational Power of the Great Solar Flash —

  • S7 E7 Deeper Disclosures from William Tompkins —

  • S7 E8 Antarctica: The Process for Disclosure —

  • S7 E9 Corroborating the Evidence with Michael Salla —

  • S7 E10 Disclosure and the Secret Underground War —

  • S7 E11 Tracing the Roots of the SSP with Michael Salla —

  • S7 E12 Viewer Questions Part 6 —

  • S7 E13 Pushing the Limits of Disclosure with John Lear —

  • S7 E14 Secrets of the Apollo Missions with William Tompkins —

  • S7 E15 Viewer Questions Part 7 —

  • S7 E16 Astral Projection and Our Place in the Universe with William Tompkins —

  • S7 E17 Allying with the MIC SSP —

  • S7 E18 Revealing the Original Secret Space Vehicles with Mark McCandlish —

  • S7 E19 Antarctica: The New Area 51 —

  • S7 E20 Faster Than Light Technology with Mark McCandlish —

  • S7 E21 Boyd Bushman’s Deathbed Testimonial —

  • S7 E22 Zero Point Energy and Advanced Propulsion Technology —

  • S7 E23 Analyzing Joseph Skipper’s Photo Archive —

  • S7 E24 Wormholes and Breakaway Civilizations with Mark McCandlish —

  • S7 E25 Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon with Niara Isley —

  • S7 E26 Viewer Questions 8: Protocols and Loopholes —

  • S7 E27 The Shadow Cold War —

  • S7 E28 Viewer Questions 9: Time Travel and The Future —

  • S7 E29 Testimony on Pyramids and Underground Cities —

  • S7 E30 UFOs under Antarctica and the Five-Fingered Mystery —

  • S7 E31 Three-Fingered Technology with Pete Peterson —

  • S7 E32 The Grand Experiment —

  • S8 E1 David Adair Bio —

  • S8 E2 The Original Rocket Man with David Adair —

  • S8 E3 The Descent Into Area 51 with David Adair —

  • S8 E4 Timeline Splits and Diversionary Tactics —

  • S8 E5 Remembering William Tompkins – Disrupting Draco Domination —

  • S8 E6 Viewer Questions 10: Ascension Concerns and End Times Madness —

  • S8 E7 The Ascension of Earth —

  • S8 E8 Viewer Questions 11: Preparing for Ascension —

  • S8 E9 Zuni Disclosure with Clifford Mahooty —

  • S8 E10 Hopi and Zuni Prophecies with Clifford Mahooty —

  • S8 E11 Alchemy and The Law of One —

  • S8 E12 Encounters with Three-Fingered Beings with Pete Peterson —

  • S8 E13 Viewer Questions 12: Repressed Disclosures and Coordinated Communications —

  • S9 E1 Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings —

  • S9 E2 Emery Smith – Whistleblower —

  • S9 E3 Inner Earth In Crisis —

  • S9 E4 Operation Chaos —

  • S9 E5 Undersea Bases —

  • S9 E6 Technologies of the Secret Base —

  • S9 E7 Clones and Programmable Life Forms —

  • S9 E8 Staged Alien Abductions —

  • S9 E9 Hybrid Creatures and Secret Bases —

  • S9 E10 Secrets at the South Pole —

  • S9 E11 Nazca Tunnels and Super-Suit Technology —

  • S9 E12 The Dangers of Being an SSP Whistleblower —

  • S10 E1 Tragic Consequences Aboard a Mayan Ship —

  • S10 E2 End of the Super Federation —

  • S10 E3 The Anshar and Red-Headed Giants —

  • S10 E4 Alien Tech at the Vatican —

  • S10 E5 Bioship —

  • S10 E6 Arrival of the New Guardians —

  • S10 E7 Briefings with a New Alliance —



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